Amazone Used Farm Machinery

About Amazone

Amazone are a leading manufacturer of a wide range of farming equipment from seeding and soil preparation to crop protection, fertilisation, pasture management and digital solutions for monitoring and controlling various machinery.

What used Amazone machinery do we stock? 

We stock a wide range of Amazone equipment including mounted and trailed spreaders, a range of sprayers including mounted, trailed and self-propelled, many products from their cultivation range including ploughs, packers, compact disc and rotary harrows, and a range of seeding machinery including conventional seed drills, pneumatic seed drills, catch crop and precision seeders and packers. Please contact us to find out more about the machinery we currently have available. 

Why J Brock & Sons? 

J Brock & Sons have enjoyed selling new and used products for many years, and have always found them to be simple and reliable. We have significant experience with repair and refurbishment of Amazone farm machinery, and also dismantling for export when required.