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J Brock & Sons have enjoyed selling new and used Cousins products for many years, and have always found them to be simple and reliable. The Contour rolls and V-Form subsoiler with the 'Roman Nose' point have been an example to many other manufacturers for many years. More recent developments include the RazorRing and the Springboard leveller.

We have had experience with repair and refurbishment of Cousins farm machinery, and also dismantling for export when required. We also have a substantial stock of Cousins parts available for your urgent requirements.


We hope you find a suitable Cousins machine in stock, and look forward to discussing your requirements further.

Other regularly stocked Cousins items:

  • Contour Rolls | Hydraulic vertical folding rolls
  • Sidewinder Rolls | Horizontal folding rolls
  • K100X Disc Harrows | Tandem disc harrow for secondary work on heavy land or primary work on light to medium soil
  • K125 Disc Harrow | Offset Disc harrow for use on heavy land
  • Packa-Rolla | Double or single row press for consolidation and or/cultivation
  • Type 28 | Heavy double row press fitted with Springboard levellers and leading tines for cultivation and consolidation
  • Furrow Press | Press for using in conjunction with the plough, fitted with rings or coils
  • Front Mounted Press | Front mounted press for consolidation and /or cultivation
  • Patriot | Heavy disc/tine cultivator and subsoiler for primary applications
  • V Form | Heavy Duty subsoiler for soil loosening, available trailed or mounted
  •  Norfolk Cultivator | Heavy general purpose tined cultivator for aeration and mixing
  •  Combination Harrow | Combination seedbed harrow with springtines, harrow and levelling rollers 
  • Level Lift | Heavy combination cultivator fitted with subsoiler and sweep tines
  • Heavy Spring Tine  (Pigtail) Cultivators | 3 bar cultivator fitted with coil/pigtail or sprung leaf tines

Used Machinery