Cousins Used Farm Machinery

Cousins is a family-run agricultural engineering business that has been supplying the highest-quality farming equipment for over 60 years. Known for robust engineering, Cousins is an innovative company which constantly refines design to ensure their equipment evolves with the industry and adapts to modern farming needs.

What used Cousins machinery do we stock? 

We stock a range of quality used Cousins farming equipment including contour, sidewinder and Cambridge rolls, front and furrow presses, Packa Rollas, disc and fen packers, surface, double-tine and Norfolk cultivators, swift tine, precision seedbed and combination harrows, V-Forms, attachments including crimper rollers and Razor Rings, and a wide range of accessories. Please contact us to find out more about the machinery we currently have available. 

Why J Brock & Sons? 

J Brock & Sons have enjoyed selling Cousins products for many years, and have always found them to be simple and reliable. The Contour rolls and V-Form subsoiler with the 'Roman Nose' point have been an example to many other manufacturers for many years. More recent developments include the RazorRing and the Springboard leveller.

We have significant experience with repair and refurbishment of Cousins farm machinery, and also dismantling for export when required. 


Note: All prices exclude VAT

Not found what you're looking for?

J Brock & Sons have a wide range of Used and New Machinery from a large range of manufacturers. We are also able to help with sourcing specific machinery and advising what is best for your needs. Please use the links below to browse further or get in touch here or on +44 (0)1371 830353.