Dowdeswell Used Farm Machinery

Dowdeswell ploughs are a highly-respected and recognised agricultural brand, with a long-standing association with J Brock & Sons. Dowdeswell brings simple, effective design and robust reliability to all its products, and has become a firm favourite with British farmers as a result.

J Brock & Sons have been working with Dowdeswell products since the 1970s, and we are familiar with repairs and refurbishment to most models, and also containerisation and dismantling for export. 

What used Dowdeswell machinery do we stock? 

Choose from the UCN body for general-purpose ploughing, the SCN for deeper ploughing, the YCN for shallow ploughing or grassland, the DD or DDS for faster ploughing with less inversion or the M slatted bodies.

Dowdeswell has also sold a good range of disc harrows since they acquired Pettit, including the popular 77 and 84 Series, and the Dowdeswell Powavators and Sidespreaders taken from the Howard production are also known for their durability and resale value. Please contact us to find out more about the machinery we currently have available. 

Why J Brock & Sons? 

It remains our mission to supply the highest-quality, best priced and most suitable new and used farming equipment to our customers in the United Kingdom and further afield. With our extensive knowledge and experience in arable farming techniques, we aim to be the go-to resource for all our customers.