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FARMET is the most recent manufacturer to tie up a collaboration with J Brock & Sons. FARMET are a Czech Republic manufacturer and produce a large range of cultivation machinery, in both disc and tine variants. These innovative machines have not only been cleverly designed, but are put together using quality hardened steels and modern robotic welding techniques, giving a very strong yet lighter alternative to more established brands.

Other regularly stocked FARMET items:

FARMET Kompaktomat: this combination springtine seedbed cultivator features a number of crumbler and tine module options from 4 rows of jackpot tines to 2 rows of hd compression springs. from 3m mounted to 15.7m trailed, there will be a size to suit every situation.

FARMET Diskomat: The Diskomat is a heavy duty disc machine using 620mm discs on heavy duty compression springs, and offers a chioce of rear roller options, making this the ideal tool for discing heavy soil types, or for mixing in rape and maize stubbles. working width's are from 3m to 8m

FARMET Softer: The Softer is a compact disc press machine using 510mm sprung discs and offers a choice of packers and hitch options. This is the ideal tool for stubble chitting and soil preperation after ploughing. 3m to 11m working width.

FARMET Fantom: The Fantom is a heavy duty stubble cultivator using 4 rows of sprung tines at 170mm spacing. The tines themselves use a heavy duty compression spring allowing a very high breakforce, giving a work range from 0 to 150mm with a variety of points, an packers to choose from. 3m to 12.5m working width


FARMET Verso: The Verso is a soil preparation springtine tool for after ploughing work. Available in 6 to 9m working widths, all variants are within 3m transport width and 4m height. The Verso features as standard, track eradicators, front Flexi-Board levelling paddles, 5 rows springtines, rear Flexi-Board levelling paddles and a rear harrow. All on a very strong frame with good clearance throughout

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