John Deere Used Farm Machinery

John Deere is one of the oldest and most established brands of agricultural machinery on the market. With over 180 years of innovation and experience, their technology helps to deliver consistently high yields for farmers across the world, and they have developed a comprehensive range.

What used John Deere machinery do we stock?

We stock a range of John Deere equipment and may have any number of pieces in stock at any time, including harvesting, seeding, planting and tillage equipment to cutters and shredders, forage equipment and irrigation and more.

Why J Brock & Sons

J Brock & Sons have enjoyed selling select used John Deere products for many years, and have always found them to be high quality and reliable. We have significant experience with repair and refurbishment of John Deere farm machinery, and also dismantling for export when required.


Not found what you're looking for?

J Brock & Sons have a wide range of Used and New Machinery from a large range of manufacturers. We are also able to help with sourcing specific machinery and advising what is best for your needs. Please use the links below to browse further or get in touch here or on +44 (0)1371 830353.