J Brock & Sons have had a long association with Kverneland products since the early days of the Vari-Width plough.

Kverneland Ploughs

Our workshops have experience in virtually all models of plough, and we have also developed our own bespoke upgrades as a result of our repair and refurbishing programme.

The Kverneland auto-reset and Vari-Width systems have proved extremely popular, as has the no. 8 board for general ploughing with a reduced power requirement. Our Parts Department stocks a comprehensive range of both wearing and non-wearing parts to suit most models of Kverneland plough.

We also have good experience in the range of Kverneland drills and cultivators including Tineseeders, Stubble Finishers and CTD, CTC, CLD, CLM and CTS cultivators.

We do have experience with other brands within the Kverneland Group, such as Accord, and these are found elsewhere on our site.

Kverneland products have always been popular for export and we have much experience in dismantling for loading and containerisation.

Popular body types include:

  • No8 | A general purpose body for medium to light soils. Capable of working at varying depths 15cm to 30cm (6 to 12 inches) and widths 30cm to 50cm (12 to 20 inches) with good cleaning and soil inversion characteristics.
  • No 9 | Like the No. 8, but even more highly “tuned”. Designed for wider and deeper ploughing at depths of 15 to 35 cm (6 to 14 inches). Suitable for heavier land where well turned and packed furrows are required.
  • No 19 | Specially designed for heavy soil, No.19 is also very good for burying large quantities of chopped or stripped straw. The angle of the mouldboard increases the clearance between the bodies in a very efficient manner. It also gives a totally inverted furrow which seals in the trash. The finished work is more broken, making secondary cultivation operations more efficient.
  •  No 28 | Body No. 28 suits all soil types. Longer than body No.8, it creates a flatter profile for improved tilth. Its shape and action moves the soil further away from the landside, increases the furrow bottom width by as much as 25%. This allows wide tractor tyres to work in the furrow without rolling down the previous furrow. Suitable for depths of 15 to 30cm (6 to 12") and widths from 35 to 50cm (14 to 20"). 
  • No 30 | Finger mouldboard especially designed for sticky-stony soils.

Other regularly stocked Kverneland items:

  • E|Auto-Reset|Fixed width|Mounted|In furrow|3-5 furrows
  • ED|Auto-Reset|Manual vari-width|Mounted|In furrow|3-6 furrows
  • ES|Auto-Reset|Manual vari-width|Mounted|In furrow|3-5 furrows|Turnbuckle furrow width adjustment
  • EG|Auto-Reset|Hyd vari-width|Mounted|In furrow|4-6 furrows
  • EO|Auto-Reset|Hyd vari-width|Mounted|On land/In furrow|5-7 furrows
  • L|Shearbolt|Fixed width|Mounted|In furrow|3-5 furrows
  • LD|Shearbolt|Manual vari-width|Mounted|In furrow|3-6 furrows
  • LS|Shearbolt|Manual vari-width|Mounted|In furrow|3-5 furrows|Turnbuckle furrow width adjustment
  • LB|Shearbolt|Hyd vari-width|Mounted|In furrow|4-6 furrows
  • LO|Shearbolt|Hyd vari-width|Mounted|On land/In furrow|5-7 furrows
  • PB|Auto-Reset|Hyd vari-width|Semi-mounted|In furrow|5-8 furrows|Fixed width up to c. 1990
  • PC|Auto-Reset|Fixed width|Semi-mounted|In furrow|5-7 furrows
  • PL|Auto-Reset|Hyd vari-width|Semi-mounted|In furrow|6-8 furrows
  • PX|Auto-Reset|Manual vari-width|Semi-mounted|On land/In furrow|7-12 furrows|Optional on-land kit
  • PS|Auto-Reset|Manual vari-width|Semi-mounted|In furrow|5-8 furrows
  • PG|Auto-Reset|Hyd vari-width|Semi-mounted|In furrow|6-8 furrows
  • PM|Auto-Reset|Fixed width|Semi-mounted|On land/In furrow|6-8 furrows|Optional on-land kit
  • RB|Shearbolt|Hyd vari-width|Semi-mounted|In furrow|5-8 furrows
  • RC|Shearbolt|Manual vari-width|Semi-mounted|In furrow|5-7 furrows|Turnbuckle furrow width adjustment
  • RL|Shearbolt|Hyd vari-width|Semi-mounted|On land/In furrow|6-8 furrows|Optional on-land kit
  • RX|Shearbolt|Manual vari-width|Semi-mounted|On land/In furrow|7-12 furrows|Optional on-land kit
  • RS|Shearbolt|Manual vari-width|Semi-mounted|In furrow|5-8 furrows
  • RG|Shearbolt|Hyd vari-width|Semi-mounted|In furrow|6-8 furrows
  • RM|Shearbolt|Fixed width|Semi-mounted|On land/In furrow|6-8 furrows|Optional on-land kit
  • RT|Shearbolt|Hyd vari-width|Semi-mounted|On land/In furrow|7-14 furrows|Requires separate rear plough

Note: All prices exclude VAT

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