Simba Used Farm Machinery

J Brock & Sons has had a long association with Simba and this has resulted in an industry-leading understanding of their products. We have experience in repair and refurbishment of Simba machines, and have also exported many of their machines including containerisation where necessary.

Simba Parts

Simba machines are well known for their strength, durability, innovation and high residual values. Our commitment to this marque can be clearly seen both in our stock levels of machinery, and the substantial investment in spares in our Parts Department.

The renowned DD rings, Pro-Active disc assemblies, Pro-Active tines and the hydraulic levelling board system are particular examples of Simba innovation.

We hope you find a suitable Simba machine in stock, and look forward to discussing your requirements further.

Other regularly stocked Simba items:

  • SL combination cultivator | Stubble Cultivator
  • Solo combination cultivator | Stubble Cultivator
  • Mono combination cultivator | Heavy stubble cultivator
  • Mk 4 disc harrows | Very heavy primary cultivator/plough
  • Mk 3B / 34C disc harrow | Heavy primary cultivator
  • Mk 2B / 23C disc harrow | Primary cultivator / secondary cultivator on heavy soils
  • Mk 1B / 12C disc harrow | Secondary cultivator / primary cultivator on light soils
  • X-press | Stubble cultivator (can also be used for secondary work, eg on ploughed ground)
  • UniPress | Secondary press/cultivator, light land
  • Cultipress | Secondary press/cultivator, heavy land
  • Single Press | Secondary press, light land
  • Double press | Secondary press, heavy land
  • Top Tilth | Secondary combination cultivator, heavy land
  • Versatilth | Secondary combination cultivator, light land
  • Cambridge Roll | Hydraulic folding rolls up to 12m wide
  • FreeFlow drill | Heavy duty trailed cultivator drill
  • Flat liner | Subsoiler, auto reset or shearbolt
  • All Farm | Early light weight combination cultivator
  • Tool Carrier | Heavy duty machine to convert mounted implements to trailed
  • Mole drainer | Heavy duty trailed mole plough


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SIMBA 8m Freeflow


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