Simba Used Farm Machinery

Simba farming machinery has a strong reputation for durability and reliability, offering farmers a wide range of products including cultivators, ploughs, drills and more. Simba’s renowned DD rings, Pro-Active disc assemblies, Pro-Active tines and the hydraulic levelling board system are particular examples of Simba innovation.

What used Simba machinery do we stock?

We stock a large variety of Simba used farm machinery including the Cultipress combination cultivator and press implement, X-press short disc cultivator in various sizes from 3-metre to 8-metre trailed model, Flatliner subsoilers, Unipress heavy land cultivator, Freeflow Drill, All Farm, Tool Carrier, Mole Drainer, a range of tilth machinery, and the SL heavy-duty combination cultivator, amongst others. Please contact us to find out more about the machinery we currently have available. 

Why J Brock & Sons?

J Brock & Sons have enjoyed selling used Simba products for many years, and have always found them to be simple and reliable. We have significant experience with repair and refurbishment of Simba farm machinery, and also dismantling for export when required.