Used Vaderstad machines have been part of J Brock & Sons used farm machinery stock ever since they were imported by Bamlett. We have experience in most models of the Vaderstad range, and our workshops are familiar with repair and refurbishment as well as dismantling and loading for export. Vaderstad have been market leaders in many areas such as the Carrier cultivator and Rapid seed drill, and these machines make a good investment because of their consistently high resale value.

Vaderstad Parts

Our Parts Department always keeps a good stock of both wearing and non-wearing parts to suit Vaderstad machines.

We hope you can find a suitable used Vaderstad machine from our stock, and we look forward to discussing your requirements with you.

Other regularly stocked Vaderstad items:

  • Rexius Twin | Heavy press with tines and levellers for consolidation on heavy land
  • Rexius-C / Carrier | Lightweight press fitted with front discs or tines & levellers. Excellent for minimum tillage systems or secondary cultivations after the plough
  • Rapid P Series | First of the Rapid drills, normally fitted with rigid or sprung leading tines. Good for work on ploughed land. Produced to 1997.
  • Rapid F Series | Later version of the Rapid drill with option of hydraulic fan, cleated tyres and front cultivation discs. Fitted with the improved Fenix metering as standard, and rollover sheet from 1998
  • Rapid A Series | Latest generation Rpaid drill introduced in 2002. Improvements to control box, then parallel lift in 2004 and Offset rear wheels in 2005. New shape hopper in 2009.
  • Rapid M Series | Air drill with split hopper for grain and fertiliser applications.Nomally fitted with sprung leading tines or cultivation discs
  • Rapid S Box drill | Gravity fed trailed drill with optional front cultivation discs or tines. Large hopper intorudced in 2002 and offset wheels in 2005.
  • Rapid C box drill | Gravity fed drill with split hopper for grain and fertiliser. Sows grain separately to fertiliser with 3rd row of coulters. Optional front tines or discs.
  • NZ cultivator | A very well proven cultivator for seedbed preparation. The Agrilla tines fitted from the 1980's are leaders in this field, adn the machine has been further improved by hydraulic levelling baord in 1993, hydraulic Crossboard (individual sprung boards) in 1996 and the NZ-A high clearance frame in 2002
  • Cultus | Trailed stubble cultivator with high clearance spruing coil tines and optional rear levellers and mixing discs.
  • Rexius rolls | Heavy duty trailed  folding rolls from 6m to 12m working width. Optionally fitted with front Crossboards.
  • Rollex rolls | Lighter weight horizontal fodling rolls to 12m wide
  • TopDown | Trailed combination disc/tine/press cultivator from 3 to 7m working width. Suitable for many applications including minimum tillage, primary and secondary cultivations and aeration.


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