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Versatile Opener System (VOS)

The Versatile Opener System (VOS) allows you to build opener that fits your needs buy choosing the tip and holder. Used mainly for direct drilling and minimum tillage applications the Versatile Opener System brings many benefits. 

Tailored for you: Build the opener that fits the needs of your system and places seed and fertiliser in the optimum position for even germination and plant growth.

Carbide Placement: Years of research and development have resulted in a unique knowledge of tungsten placement brought together in the VOS tips guaranteeing high wear rates and consistent application.

Versatility: With various options of holders and compatible opener tips available the Versatile Opener System empowers the user to use the right tool for the right job.

VOS Holders

Each design of holder is specific to the relevant drill with pre-set mounting angles. These holders are very durable and strong, available in stock to fit Horsch CO and Sprinter drills.

Single Shoot Tip Options

Seed is delivered in a single row measuring 3/4" (19mm) wide. (610-TIP-0802) The carbide placement provides a sharp cutting edge for excellent penetration and the twin in-line outlet allows simultaneous seed and fertilizer placement if required.

Paired Row (Double Shoot) Tip Options

The paired row design allows the seed to be delivered in two distinct rows measuring 3" centre to centre with or without fertilizer. The carbide placement along the leading edge, nose and rear of the Bourgault tips is unique and sets them apart from any others on the market, ensuring that the seed and fertilizer are placed with precise consistently until the tip is worn out. Available with horizontal and vertical fertiliser and seed separation or no fertiliser these tips are truly versatile.


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