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J Brock & Sons are dedicated to bringing the best quality farming machinery to the UK and European markets and providing our customers with lasting, reliable equipment at the best possible prices. The Farmet range is based on innovative design and high strength materials to provide maximum effectiveness and value. 

We have been the sole distributors of Farmet equipment in the UK & Ireland since 2015. Since this time, our relationship has prospered, and in addition to the original range of springtines and discs, we now offer an improved range, including the Falcon trailed seed & fertilizer drill. We run a full demonstration fleet including the Farmet Fantom springtine cultivator, Kompaktomat seedbed preparation cultivator, Verso trailed springtine and Softer trailed disc cultivator.

Brock Parts have a wide range of basic wearing and spare parts in stock to back-up the machines sold in the UK. With our growing knowledge of the Farmet machinery and our experience of tillage machinery, we are committed to servicing your Farmet requirements.

Call or email one of the Brock Parts team now to discuss your requirements.