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2019 Stock Update 18 – CTF & spout too short!

posted on: 5th August 2019 by J Brock and Sons | General News

Welcome to Update 18 – When Thaxted-based E.W.Davies Farms Ltd first started with their 12m/36m Controlled Traffic Farming system in 2011, the unloading auger on their Claas Lexion didn’t reach far enough to allow the tractor & chaser bin to run in the 12m wheelings. Richard Western overcame this for 2012 by developing a clever way of reaching out from the Chaser Bin towards the combine with an extending conveyor – see video. The arrival of a new Lexion this season with longer spout means this extra equipment is no longer needed, hence we are now looking for someone that has a fresh use for some or all of it! There’s 13 other machines to scroll through, thanks for viewing and have a good week!


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