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2019 Stock Update 22 – Demo Afternoon Tuesday 24th, next week!

posted on: 20th September 2019 by J Brock and Sons | General News

Welcome to Update 22 – The video this time shows a Brock 4m Sub-V working at Sentry managed, Bentfield Bury Farms near Stansted, Bishops Stortford - the large amount of heave along with the lack of disturbance was great to see! On to the Demo Afternoon next week (from 2:00pm to 4:00pm), Tuesday 24th September, our neighbours BWT are hosting a BRIDGESTONE Event the same day from 11:00am to 2:00 pm on the adjacent meadow at Woodhams Farm, Thaxted, so our event should naturally follow on from theirs. Light refreshments will be provided, and please keep an eye on our website for any related information or updates. The 5 machines on demo (weather permitting) are shown at the end of this email.

Finally, after all that, there’s 13 machines to scroll through including a couple of nice tractors, and KV plough which hasn’t been used for about 12 years, and is almost too good to use………would go well behind some kind of classic tractor such as Case 1455, JD 4255 etc etc! Thanks for watching and look forward to seeing any of you that make it here next week!


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