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Brock Update 27 – Most Pullable Fantom Yet!

posted on: 25th November 2019 by J Brock and Sons | General News

Welcome to Stock Update 27 – The first Fantom we brought in from Farmet was a 12.5m one which went to Barton & Co Farmers Ltd, in Retford, Nottinghamshire, as a key part of their 12/36m CTF system. Since then we have sold a number of 12.5m, 10.5m, 8.5m & 6.5m Fantoms – all trailed and mainly pulled by higher end horsepowers. The one shown on the video is a 4.7m mounted version demoing at our own farm, this September, and suits tractors in the 200 – 300 hp sector. This one has been sold locally but we have another similar machine due in in time for LAMMA, January 2020. There’s 6 other machines to scroll through, thanks for viewing and have a good week!


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