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Brock Update 4: Ben’s left for the States and we’re hiring!

posted on: 18th June 2021 by J Brock and Sons | General News

A fortnight ago we waved goodbye to one of our highly valued staff, Ben, who has headed off to broaden his experience on an Alfafa farm in Central Kansas, USA! We wish him all the very best but also have the challenge of replacing him! The video obviously doesn’t encompass everything but gives a flavour of the variety of work that Ben has grown into over the last few years, having been with since he left school. If anyone is interested, or knows of someone that might be suitable, we would much appreciate a call or a message!

On to the stock, there’s 34 items to scroll though including some handy tractors, thanks for viewing, and have a good weekend!

P.S. Look forward to seeing any of you at Cereals, Newark, in less than two week’s time!


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