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Brock Update 6: Cereals saw mounted Sub-V reach 6m width!

posted on: 15th September 2021 by J Brock and Sons | General News

Welcome to Stock Update 6! The Cereals show at Newark seems a long time ago now, but we took our first 6m example of a Brock mounted Sub-V there, and the video shows it working on the demo plot. Until then, the biggest mounted Sub-V we had built was a 5.2m 9 leg model, but due to the legs being mounted forward of the beam, the subsoiler ended up closer coupled to the tractor, which in turn meant that a 6m version was workable without imposing too much weight on the tractor’s rear linkage. There’s just over 30 other items to scroll through, thanks for viewing, and have a good day!



We took a quick clip of some of the lots disappearing from our August on-site auction – a big thanks to Cheffins and all viewers, bidders and buyers who made this a success!


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