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Brock Update 8 – Our first 765D with our first Sub-12 metre Fantom Classic!

posted on: 3rd September 2020 by J Brock and Sons | General News

Welcome to Stock Update 8! We’ve had one or two of the earlier Challenger 765 models before, but this is our first 765 ‘D-series’, and the video shows it pulling our first Farmet Fantom 8.5m ‘Classic’ last week. FARMET have done the Fantom ‘Pro’ in sizes from 6.5m to 12.5m for a while, which use their wheels as depth control, and can vary the pressure on the rear packers or allow the packers to be removed if necessary. By contrast, on the Fantom ‘Classic’, the rear packer is the depth control and takes the main weight of the machine in work. Until recently this has only been available in 12.5m, so we are glad to now be able offer the ‘Classic’ concept to suit a slightly wider range of horsepowers.


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