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J BROCK & SONS Open Day 2017 Review

posted on: 22nd November 2017 by J Brock and Sons | General News


Watch the machinery drive past presentation


Watch the machinery field demonstrations


The J Brock & Sons 2018 Open Day was set for 27th November at our Woodhams Farm base in Thaxted, Essex. Following the success of previous Brock Open Days, we were excited for this years to be even better.

We are pleased that so many customers were able to visit from many parts of the UK; thank you to all those who visited! 

You can watch the video of the 2018 Open day above.

We would love to hear your feedback and comment about the event so that we can make 2019's Open days' even better! Please Contact Us or give us a call on 01371 830111, we'd love to hear from you!


J BROCK & SONS Open Day 2017 Review