About Us

Joseph Brock (1922-1993) farmed 300 acres at Woodhams Farm, where we still are based today. As a mechanically-minded primarily arable farmer, some of the quieter time in the ’50s and ’60s he spent in the buying, refurbishing and selling of farm machinery along with the help of his staff. At that time he specialised in Minneapolis Molines balers and steel tracked crawlers, and also patented a sugar beet lifting device. This activity naturally grew as his sons began to join the firm, hence in 1978 ‘J Brock & Sons’ was established as a farm machinery business.

The 3 sons, Philip, Stuart and Mark grew the family business over the subsequent years, and in 2005 Stuart started the ‘wheel and tyre department’ which in 2012 became a separate company, Brocks Wheel & Tyre Ltd, often known as BWT, also trading from Woodhams Farm. Later, in 2013, Mark started trading in tractors and farm machinery separately under the name of Oakfields, which is based at Nuthampstead, near Royston. 

Today, the original J Brock and Sons business remains with Philip and his 2 sons, Rick and Russell. The second-hand machinery trading side of the business has continued but is now complemented by the new machinery trading which sells Farmet machines imported from the Czech Republic and our own range of Brock machines.