Looking for a new role in agriculture, farming and machinery? 

We are not actively recruiting for any particular roles. However, at J Brock and Sons, we are always looking to develop our team and product offering. If you have a relevant skill set and an interest in working at J Brock and Sons, please get in touch.  

Our mission statement 

To provide solutions for the progressive arable farmer through the application of knowledge and experience acquired over many years

To increase and develop the product offering as required, including expansion into new product areas, to establish the business name in the market as a leader in quality and service.

To pay our suppliers promptly and recognise their contribution to our success

To maintain exemplary levels of health and safety throughout the firm for the benefit of our customers and staff

To reward our staff well for the excellence of their work and attention to detail

To maintain the core values of honesty and integrity that have been a foundation for the firm, and continue them into the future