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J Brock & Sons Finance

If you are looking to purchase a machine from J Brock & Sons for business purposes, did you know you can now put this through our in-house finance scheme? As a partner with SGEF (Societe Generale Equipment Finance), known worldwide in equipment finance, we are now able to offer finance on most of our machines through our vendor sales financing package.

The Logical Choice for Used Equipment Finance

Although we offer the flexibility of many schemes such as lease, loan and rental, we find the preferred system for most customers is hire purchase. The features and benefits of this scheme are as follows:


Hire Purchase enables you to get the equipment of your choice straight away but you can spread the payments over the life of the equipment, and you can keep it at the end of the term for a nominal fee.

How Hire Purchase works

Hire Purchase is a way to buy the equipment you need without running down your cash reserves, by paying regular rentals over the term of the contract. Hire Purchase also gives you ownership of the asset at expiry, making it suitable if you want to purchase something that you want to keep, or eventually sell.


  • Hire Purchase can be a tax-efficient way.
  • Payment structure agreed at the outset for easy budgeting.
  • You can buy the equipment for a nominal fee at the end of the term (option to purchase fee).

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