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Trailed Seed drill 3m to 8m

Trailed Seed drill 3m to 8m
Trailed Seed drill 3m to 8m Trailed Seed drill 3m to 8m Trailed Seed drill 3m to 8m Trailed Seed drill 3m to 8m Trailed Seed drill 3m to 8m Trailed Seed drill 3m to 8m


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Falcon Pro


Falcon Pro seed drills offer a wide range of versatility on a range of sizes from 3m to 8m. The modular toobar system makes this drill suitable for a varied range of conditions and farming techniques including post-ploughing, into stubble or into cultivated conditions. Front toolbar options including hydraulic levelling paddles with two rows of discs, a wide range of springtine elements and for the 3m and 4m rigid variants, a power harrow. Elements can be swapped during the drilling campaign quickly and easily with a minimum number of fixings. Other specialist tine coulter and precision sowing elements are also available.

A large diameter offset wheel packer covers the working width, and inidvidual wheels can be removed if necessary, without having to remove the whole axle. 

Following the wheels, a levelling harrow and 125mm spacing double disc coulter and press wheel with following harrow is availabe as standard, although a 150mm disc coulter or 750mm precision drill coulterbar is available as options. The 125mm disc coulter can also be specified with a tank divider, with 2 seperate metering units so that two different seeds can be sowed to different rates and working depths to alternating coulters.

The standard tank capacity is 4000 litres, although a 6000 litre grain and fertilizer option is available. Fertilizer can be fed seperately to a front tine toolbar, or individual disc coulter bar in front of the main packer wheels.

A small seeds drilling unit can be added for avadex or slug pellet application. All drilling functions are carried out with a Muller control centre, with seedflow sensors, bout markers and pre-emergence markers all available as options.

Farmet Falcon seed drill - a great seeding solution:

  • Modular toobar option
  • Multiple seeding capabilities
  • High working speeds of up to 20km/h
  • Low draft requirement due to its weigh distribution and large packer wheels
  • Large capacity tank meaning shorter downtime
  • Precise seeding ability with optimum performance
  • Perfect surface levelling and compaction

More information can be found on http://www.farmet.eu/en/dzt/disc-sowing-machines-falcon-pro 

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