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Double Lock Roller 20-24.5m


The first customer for the BROCK 24.5m Double-Lock Roller, a large farmer in Lincolnshire had noted that black grass control was significantly better where they had managed to roll twice after drilling. Rolling twice leaves a more even seedbed allowing pre-emergence grassweed herbicides to be much more efficacious. However, in most circumstances, the existing 12m rollers simply lacked the needed capacity to allow a second pass after drilling. The 24m design would fit into a 12m CTF system being adopted as well as giving plenty of output.

The design and evaluation process for the BROCK 24.5m Double-Lock roller took over a year. Ensuring the roller was rigid and stable in transport but free to follow the contours of the land when rolling was a key requirement – something achieved by the Double-Lock system. The 11 Naturally floating sections, unprecedented on an agricultural landroller means the Double-Lock roller really 'hugs' the field contours giving even consolidation across the whole width.

The new 2040 Double Lock Roller is a more compact development of the design, utilising all the experience gained from the development of the larger machine but enabling farmers to get similar benefits on smaller fields.