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Deep Ripp


When J Brock & Sons had a request from a farming operation in North Africa for a subsoiler to rip down to depths of 1m (39 inches), it realised a wholly different machine concept was required…

The final design for the BROCK Deep Ripp was a 6m, 7 shank ripper, built with strong enough to be pulled with the largest tractors and bulldozers that stood taller than a man when lowered to the ground! In spite of this enormous strength and scale of the Deep Ripp, through innovative design, the complete machine can be loaded into a 20 ft shipping container with minimal dismantling. For the customer in Northern Africa, key benefits of the design included:

  • Land reclamation and deep tillage projects in extreme areas of the world
  • Ground and pan bursting as well as drainage assistance
  • Designed to work at depths of up to 1m
  • 6m working width with 7 tines
  • Delivery by 20ft container to all areas of the world
  • Easy assembly and simple use
  • Good range of wearing parts
  • Designed for high horsepower and heavy traction prime movers
  • Extremely heavy and durable construction throughout
  • Simple componentry and hydraulics